GIFRun on desktop allows creation of high definition GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many other sites that support online video
Mobile version only supports YouTube videos. For sources other than YouTube, please visit GIFRun on desktop
Maximum GIF length is 10 seconds long
Maximum GIF width is 520px wide for landscape and 520px in height for portrait orientation
Text can be applied to GIFs, large selection of fonts is available and can be applied to various areas of the GIF
Cropping functionality allows to quickly crop a GIF while preserving the original image
To get started, copy link of the video page
Paste the link of the video page into the text box
Play video
Preview video clip, loops only once
Skip 1/10 of second previous or next
Skip 1 second previous or next
Create GIF up to 10 seconds long
Add text to GIF, select from large selection of fonts
Crop GIF, new window will open with cropped image
Download image to your local drive