GIFRun is a free service that creates high-definition GIFs and WebP images from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many other sources.

Easy to use interface on desktop and mobile browsers, the quality of the generated content as well as the ability to easily mint NFTs, makes GIFRun unique amongst similar services.
Originally launched in 2013, GIFRun started out as a video GIF making tool and over the years added a number of features.

First version was an overly ambitious attempt to do all things GIF and by 2018 the site was running on outdated technology and ideas and had to be rebuilt from the ground up.
GIFRun 2.0 which launched in the beginning of 2019 concentrated on making GIF creation process easy, fast and with high precision, creating unique and high quality content. The site was well received on Product Hunt and generated a number of articles and blogs around the world.
GifRun - Create GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more | Product Hunt Embed
The service is used by content creators from over 160 countries. This is a completely bootstrapped project without an ad budget and the success GIFRun has experienced so far would not have been possible without the word of mouth. More to come, stay tuned!
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